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  • All participants from Eastern European and Central Asian countries require a visa to enter Greece. The participants will be responsible for their own visas and are required to have a valid passport. Applications for visas should be made to an Embassy or Consulate of the Republic of Greece or the Embassy of other EU member state that represents Greece in the respective country;
  • Applicants must personally submit visa applications, together with all necessary documents to the Greek embassy or consulate covering their place of residence. The visa application procedure might differ slightly in each country; however, the key requirements are the following:
  1. Valid passport (at least 3 months remaining duration from the day of the travel);
  2. Invitation letter;
  3. 2-4 photographs;
  4. Completed visa application form;
  5. Hotel voucher;
  6. Insurance for the travel period (purchased from the Travel Agent or Insurance company in respective country);
  7. Please, note that some Embassies might ask for the ticket booking.
  • Participants are advised to start visa obtaining procedure a minimum of 1.5 months in advance, i.e. by 2 May 2011 at the latest. Please, contact the Greek Embassy or the EU member state embassy that covers Greece in your country as soon as possible;
  • The standard cost of Schengen visa is EUR 60 (sixty euros). The costs can vary slightly per country. Please note that the costs of visa will only be reimbursed to the participant on the basis of presentation of the original receipt upon arrival in Athens, Greece;
  • The standard cost of the Insurance for the travel period is EUR 4 – 8;

For additional information on visa procedures for Greece, please consult the respective embassy or consulate. Additional information can also be found on the website of the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Download address of the Embassy Greece in your country.